Covid-19 Response

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COVID-19, a challenge for all of us

The manufacturing at the Grossenbacher facilities in Switzerland has been suspended during the lockdown period.
However, with the easing of lockdown rules in Switzerland we'll ramp up production to normal levels.

For Grossenbacher New Zealand the impact was pretty small. I'm running the operations next to my day job as a software developer and I'm very fortunate that my work has not been impacted too negatively by the global situation.

However, because I am fortunate enough to operate as usual, I would like to take this time as a call to action in efforts to support local businesses and charities.

A Call to Action

So until further notice, I'll provide the products from Grossenbacher NZ at cost which means every sales margin will be split between a charity and our local partner Oh My Dog Grooming Wellington.
You'll be able to choose between following charities in our shop - the donation will be made in your name:

Get in touch if you know another charity you'd like to see in our list!


We are happy to exchange products, however if necessary, we are limited to partial refunds only during this mode of operation.
The donations will be made immediately upon purchase, thus we can only refund 75% of the initial purchase, as the other 25% will cover half the original donation (we'll cover the other half).

Safety Precautions

All of our products are disinfected right before shipping, because of this:

  • For harnesses and leads we recommend to air them out for at least 1-2 hours before first use
  • For toys we recommend to wash them with clean, warm water to ensure no residues are left


We will get in touch with you and schedule a pickup / fitting. We cannot, and will not, accommodate unscheduled show-ups.
All products used will be desinfected before (and after) the pickup / fitting.
If your dog is nervous around (new) people, a fitting is not recommended as we need to maintain proper social distancing at all times.


The international shipping is currently a bit trickier than usual and hence might take longer than usual.
To see if we stock what you're looking for we maintain our local stock below: