Über Uns

Did you know...

... in Switzerland we're the leading manufacturer of illumination products for horses and horsemen.
... in Switzerland we provide the widest selection of illumination products for horses, dogs and runners.
... we proudly deliver our products to the Police, Firefighters, Rescue dog teams, Customs, Airports, Road construction and Railway copanies.

Our New Zealand Team

Fela, our testing dog in New Zealand.
Always making sure the equipment is tested under the toughest conditions.

Our Swiss Team

Beat Grossenbacher

Managing Director

Contact by Mail

Anouk / Nukli

Model, test-dog and companion of Beat.

Silvia Morgenthaler

Deputy managing director

Master Saddler, Administration

Irene Soltermann

Master Saddler

Vera Baumgartner

Master Saddler

Anja Niederhauser

Master Saddler

Brigitte Soltermann

Master Saddler part-time

Erika Badertscher

Seamstress part-time

Hans Riedwyl

Seamster part-time

Sabine Weibel

Seamstress part-time

Sonja Flückiger

Seamstress part-time

Salome Schenk

Master Saddler